17 September 2016 00:00 - 25 September 2016 23:45

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IPF WORLD WEEK 2016: from Saturday September 17th to Sunday September 25th


  • Creating a national and international network of people working to support patients with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.
  • Developing a map of the Centers of Excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of IPF.
  • Raising awareness, inform, train, guide stakeholders towards this social emergency.
  • Offering support and tools to patients and their families to cope better with this disease.
  • Promoting a culture of “donation” in collaboration with the organ donors associations.
  • Promoting social awareness and sensitivity towards the dangers of smoking in collaboration with the Anti-Smoking Centers.
  • Stimulating awareness on the voluntary sector, with particular reference to the needs of the rare disease patients.
  • Promoting the knowledge on the new frontiers of biology, medicine, social sciences, psychology, analysis, law, economics, communication, etc. regarding IPF.

    Theme & Slogan 2016

    The theme to raise awareness on IPF is “Blowing soap bubbles” and the Slogan "Breath of Hope!".

    Blowing soap bubbles is a joyful activity. When you are healthy, it takes less than a second to blow bubbles. If you are a patient with IPF, this simple activity can be very challenging. The Breath of Hope Campaign aims to raise awareness of IPF while reminding about the importance of lung fitness/health.

    Blowing soap bubbles can be done alone or in a group/with your family/with your doctor/with your pet – one can blow big or small bubbles; one can blow them from a special location or while doing an activity.

    You can share your photos on the official Facebook or Twitter pages with the hashtag #IPFWORLD

    Some initial ideas for the photo:

    • Get some members of your organization together and blow bubbles
    • Form the letters of IPF with people on a piece of grass while blowing bubbles
    • Get a family generation together (grandparents, parents, children) and blow different sizes of bubbles

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