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I’m going to deliver three synthetic urine reviews to you here, covering the top three brands out there. I’m also going to tell you how to use them to pass a drug test every single time.

People often claim that detox drinks are the best way to pass a drug test. However, that’s simply not true in my experience.

Detox drinks can be great if you are investing in quality ones, and you do a bit of a natural detox beforehand, and you get a bit lucky. However, they do have a bigger margin for error than synthetic urine.

The problem with synthetic urine is that people are too scared to try it, because they don’t want to have to smuggle it into the lab and submit it. They are worried they might get caught. Ironically there is far less chance of getting caught and if you’re using a detox drink.

So let’s take a look in detail at how to use synthetic urine, things to avoid, and what the best three fake urine brands are.

What Makes The Best Synthetic Urine?

The best synthetic urine will have a very complex formula. That means it basically mimics human urine as closely as possible.

Every sample that is submitted at a drug-testing lab goes through testing for validity. They will check that it contains a certain range of ingredients and that those ingredients are in the right range and balance.

They will also check the temperature, and check if the sample is too diluted to be natural human urine as well. The ingredients a lab will look for vary, but at a minimum, it will be things like urea, uric acid, and creatine. On top of that, they will test its pH range, and it’s specific gravity range.

Some will even do a “sniff” test to see if it looks, smells, and even froths like the real thing. However, for your basic pre-employment drug test where not a lot of money has been paid to commission a test, the labs are less interested.

So if you’re going to use synthetic urine for drug test success, then you’re looking for fake urine brands that contain the widest range of chemicals found in human urine, and that look as much like the real thing as possible.

Reasons People Fail Using Synthetic Urine

You might be surprised to know that the main reason people fail drug tests using synthetic urine is nothing to do with the actual quality of the synthetic urine itself.

The major reason why people fail is down to a sample submitted at an incorrect temperature.

Human urine has a surprisingly small temperature range, usually between 96°F, and 100°F when it leaves the body. That’s an incredibly small margin of error, especially when you’re relying mostly on a heatpad to keep it within that small temperature range for maybe a couple of hours before your test.

The problem is people don’t think about the conditions. If it’s winter, and it’s an hour on the train to the lab, then the heatpad might struggle to maintain the temperature. They also forget to even bother checking the temperature at all.

So then they fail their drug test, and throw their arms in the air, then go online and write a negative review about the synthetic urine product they used, when it was actually nothing to do with that, it was totally about them not having a backup plan if things go wrong.

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How To Prepare Synthetic Urine For A Drug Test

 Instructions for preparing synthetic urine for drug tests are pretty standard.  The only variation comes in if it’s premixed, or powdered. So there’s just the additional step of using warm water to mix the powder sample up into realistic-looking human urine.

The only other deviation between instructions for using synthetic urine is whether the fake urine kit contains a heatpad, or if it uses heat activator powder. But basically you prepare the sample so it’s within the right temperature range, then you go off to the lab and submit it.

Just make sure you wear two pairs of underpants, and stick the sample firmly between them, to keep it warm, and in place.

The actual most vital instruction I can give here on preparing synthetic urine to pass a drug test is to check the sample temperature before you enter the building to submit it.

If it’s wrong, if it’s too cold, you will need to take action. For me, I would suggest having some hot water on you in a flask or at least going off somewhere where hot water is available to warm the sample up. If you don’t consider this problem, then you could panic and either not going at all, or just submit the sample knowing it’s not right.

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Synthetic Urine Reviews:  The Best Fake Urine Brands 2019

 So now you understand what you can do to affect the chances of you passing if you’re going to use synthetic urine for drug testing, let’s look at the fake urine brands that are most likely to pass a lab drug test, by giving you three detailed synthetic urine reviews.

These are the top three best synthetic urine brands that I have ever found. None of them contain biocide, all of them have a great track record, and I’ve used all of them myself in live drug testing.

  1. Quick Luck – The Best Synthetic Urine

Quick Luck is definitely the best synthetic urine brand you can buy, even though it is quite expensive. You’ll be paying about a hundred dollars for Quick Luck, but you’re getting the ultimate in convenience and quality for that money. It’s the best way to pass a drug test.

In the synthetic urine kit, you will get a vial of premixed synthetic urine. It’s very high-quality urine, that contains 14 chemical markers found in real human urine. Because it’s premixed, you don’t need water to use it.

You’ll also get heat activator powder with it. This is brilliant stuff that you just pour into the sample, agitate it, and it heats the liquid up. So you don’t even need a heat source like a microwave, and you don’t need a heatpad.

In fact, you don’t need to do anything until you get to the lab. Just pour in the heat activator powder until it gets within the right temperature range, and then go in and submit your sample.

But Quick Luck does come with a pair of heatpads as well. So once you’ve got the sample temperature exactly right, you can keep it at that temperature with the included heatpad if you want to. So it’s the best of all worlds.

As I say, Quick Luck isn’t cheap, one hundred dollars is quite a big outlay. But you are getting the best possible guarantee for passing a drug test, and for me, unless you really don’t care about your job, or getting a job (why wouldn’t you if you’ve applied for it?), then it’s the obvious choice. For my detailed Quick Luck review, click here.

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  1. Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit

Sub Solution is the number one bestselling brand of synthetic urine on the market. So so why have I positioned it in second place behind Quick Luck? Both are made by Clear Choice, both are basically the same formula, and both contain heat activator powder.

Well, Sub Solution has a slightly inferior formula, still the most advanced formula on the market apart from Quick Luck though. So it’s not second because of the formula. The reason it’s in second place is that its powdered urine. So you will need to mix it with water before you can use it. So it’s slightly less convenient to use.

You don’t get a heatpad with Sub Solution either, just the heat activator powder. But it’s all you really need, so I’m not too worried about the fact it doesn’t contain one. But for just $80, you’re getting the second most advanced formula on the market, and you get the wonderful heat activator powder so you don’t have to mess around with heatpads. For more info, check out my Sub Solution synthetic urine review.

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  1. Quick Fix

 I’ve used Quick Fix twice in pre-employment drug tests. Only for part-time jobs, I would have used Sub Solution for a full-time job, and I knew that Quick Fix isn’t such a complex formula, but I knew it would probably be good enough.

But it only costs 40 bucks, so half the price of Sub Solution, and far less than half the price of Quick Luck. So if you’re on a budget, or you don’t care, then Quick Fix could be a great solution.

But don’t write Quick Fix off that easily Vs Quick Luck or Sub Solution. The formula is still very complex, and in fact, used to be used to calibrate lab testing equipment. But that was a few years ago before the modern digital testing equipment age, but it still tells you the quality of Quick Fix.

You get a high-quality heat pad with Quick Fix, and in my experiments and real-life use, it’s been plenty good enough to keep it within that magic 10° temperature band for about two hours.

So if you are on a budget, then Quick Fix could certainly be your best bet as the best way to pass a drug test. For more info, check out my Quick Fix urine review.

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