The easiest way to mask drug toxins is to use detox drinks for weed, specially designed drinks that can mask drug use. But are detox drinks for THC concealment the best option, even though they are the easiest? Well, in this guide we are going to answer all of those questions for you.

We will compare detox drinks to synthetic urine, explain how you use detox drinks, and tell you about the best detox drinks for a drug test.

Detox drinks are definitely one of the fastest ways to pass a drug test, but they do have pitfalls that you need to be aware of so you don’t get caught out.

The Fastest Way To Pass A Drug Test

So is a detox drink actually the fastest way to pass a drug test? Well, it depends on what you mean by fast.

If you’re talking about preparation time, then there’s actually no real difference between a detox drink and synthetic urine.  It’s the same if you mean the fastest in relation to covering up drug toxins when you have very little time before a drug test.

So when you’re talking about detox drinks, it’s not really about if they are literally the fastest way to pass a drug test, it’s about understanding if they are the most effective way to pass a drug test at short notice.

Detox Drinks Vs Synthetic Urine

So let’s do a comparison, so you understand the difference between detox drinks and synthetic urine, to really understand what the best and fastest way to pass a drug test is.

Detox drinks don’t detoxify your body. That’s a huge misconception that gets people caught out. A detox drink just masks the toxins for a few hours. It flushes them out of your bladder and keeps your urine sample natural. But after a few hours, those toxins will start to appear in your bladder again.

Synthetic urine obviously doesn’t have anything to do with the toxins in your body, because you are submitting a complete fake sample. You have to prepare the sample correctly, and most importantly, the synthetic urine has to be submitted within the correct temperature range, and that’s the bit that gets most people caught out. Plus, synthetic urine has to be a very complex formula, like Sub Solution has, to pass validity checks by the lab.

If you’re up for a supervised drug test, where you are observed, then synthetic urine is off the table, leaving only detox drinks anyway. But for unobserved drug tests, you’ve got both options, and it really comes down to a couple of differences.

Synthetic urine has a higher pass rate because there is no chance of you having toxins pregnant, as long as it’s submitted at the right temperature and has a complex formula.

For more info, check out my detailed synthetic urine review.

Detox drinks have a slightly lower pass rate, because if you don’t get to the lab in time, or you have an excessive toxin exposure rate (you’re smoking several times a day), then it may not be able to cope with the volume of toxins leaking into your bladder.  But this can be offset if you do a detox before the day of your test because the toxin count on the day will be lower.

Detox drinks pros over synthetic urine:

  • Easier to prepare
  • Easier to buy
  • Doesn’t require courage
  • Cannot be detected

Detox drink cons:

  • Higher failure rate if you have a high toxin count
  • Weaker detox drinks are virtually useless
  • Only keeps you clean for around 2-5 hours

So detox drinks are definitely one of the easiest and fastest ways to pass a drug test, but they do have a slightly higher failure percentage than high-quality synthetic urine.

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How Detox Drinks Work

So how exactly do THC detox drinks work in the body?

Well, as you now understand, they don’t detox you properly. You don’t just drink the detox drink and it magically flushes the toxins out of your body. Nothing can get toxins out of your bloodstream or flush out toxins that have attached to cells in the body (something weed metabolites commonly do).

A high-quality detox drink flushes out your bladder. So you drink it, and then you urinate that liquid out, and it carries out all the toxins.

But where a detox drink is different from plain water or any other liquid, is that it contains nutrients that mimic the contents of human urine. Those are sent to your bladder for expulsion because the body is suddenly overloaded, meaning that even though you have flushed your bladder out, for a few hours, fresh urine will appear in balance, rather than being diluted and pretty much water.

But here’s the limitation of the detox drink spelled out again. Although there will not be toxins in your bladder, they will still be in your body. As your body processes the toxins, they eventually start to work their way into your bladder. This can happen in as little as two hours, so that clean window for a detox drink is very short, so you have to make sure you are clean, and then rush off to the lab.

Fastest Way To Pass A Drug Test

How To Use Detox Drinks For THC Detox

So now that you understand how detox drinks for a drug test work, let’s talk about how you actually use them.

The instructions for detox drinks are pretty much all the same. The only normal variation comes in how much additional water you have to drink.

The basic instructions are almost always:

  1. Chill the contents of the bottle for easy drinking, shake well, and then smoothly drink the contents over about 15 minutes. This can sometimes be as long as 30 minutes for larger or more concentrated formulas.
  2. If instructed, drink the required amount of additional water.
  3. As soon as you are able, urinate. Urinate at least twice and then do a home drug test kit.
  4. You should now be clean for several hours to go and take your drug test.

But what happens if you’re not clean? Well, that’s why I would always advocate buying synthetic urine as a backup. That way there’s a Plan B, even if it’s not the road you wanted to go down. Alternatively, you could buy a second detox drink and repeat the process.

However, that’s all a nuclear option. In my experience, a good quality detox drink is plenty strong enough to get rid of drug metabolites, no matter what your exposure is, for at least two hours.

The Best Detox Drinks For A Drug Test

 So now we have talked about using detox drinks for THC, let’s talk about what the best detox drinks for drug tests are.

For me, the top three, based on my own experiences over the past five years, are as follows:

  1. Rescue Cleanse

drug detox drinkRescue Cleanse is a high-quality detox drink with pedigree. It’s made by Clear Choice who also makes Sub Solution synthetic urine.

If you buy it directly from Clear Choice through their website you can get Rescue Cleanse and Sub Solution at the same time, giving you Plan A and Plan B. You can also buy test kits from them as well.

The instructions for Rescue Cleanse are the same as for other detox drinks, but you will need to drink a refilled bottle of additional water.

For me, Rescue Cleanse worked like a dream last time I had a urine sample drug test to do for pre-employment.

It was about a year ago, and I drank it about an hour before I left, and then it was another two hours before I submitted my sample, and I passed.

  1. Quick Clear

detox drink reviewQuick Clear is a detox drink not many people know about. It’s made by Spectrum Labs, the guys who make Quick Fix, which is the second most powerful brand of synthetic urine you can buy behind Sub Solution.

So it’s another opportunity to do a combo purchase on Plan A and Plan B together. Instructions for Quick Clear are slightly different though. So they are worth going through in detail here. You drink 20 fluid ounces of water before the detox drink, which is unusual. You then drink the 20 fluid ounces bottle of Quick Clear (most quality detox drinks are 32 ounces in size).

However, this is why it’s different, and why it’s only a 20 fluid ounces bottle. You also get eight detox capsules that you take with the detox drink.

Together this is a really powerful combination that makes it more effective than most 32-ounce high-quality detox drinks. One bottle costs $29.95 and you can buy it from this webstore.

  1. Ultra Eliminex

detox drinks for a drug testUltra Eliminex is probably the most powerful detox drink on the market when taken on its own.

There’s no need for detox pills or additional water. You literally just drink the contents of the bottle, urinate to flush out the toxins, and you are good to go and take your test.

However that convenience and power come at the cost, because Ultra Eliminex is the most expensive detox drink on the market as well, retailing at around $80.

That’s compared to Rescue Cleanse at around $60, and Quick Clear which is the budget option at $30.


Whichever one of these three recommended marijuana detox drinks that you use, I’d always advocate that you detox completely or a full 24 hours before your test, or as long as you possibly can. I usually try to do 48 hours because unless you really in trouble, you get that much notice of any type of employment drug test.

Always have a Plan B, so get synthetic urine or a second detox drink just in case, plus also make sure you have a couple of home drug test kits handy to make sure that you know you are going to be clean.